Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I Learned From E.T.

[Universal Studios - LA, California, together with my sister, Gracious Melody; ca. 1984]

A couple of weeks ago over the dinner table, my parents and sisters ganged up on me and declared that my crush looks like E.T (especially during the flying bicycle scene where E.T. had this white cloth draped over its head)!


Don’t get me wrong…I have always loved that cute Extra Terrestrial! But to have them compare the apple of my eye to an alien? Is that their warped way of saying that my tastes have gone berserk? Kamusta naman, di ‘ba?!?

I was hellbent in proving them otherwise.

After clearing the dishes, I grabbed my copy of the film from the rack & popped it in the player.

Halfway during the movie, I came to realize that what started out as a typical alaskahan during a family meal turned out to be friendly reminders for all of us --- straight from E.T.’s mouth:

1. Phone home.

C’mon, give your family (especially your parents) a break. Spare them the agony of spending sleepless nights thinking of your whereabouts. I’m not saying that you give them a blow-by-blow account of your daily itinerary. Whenever you can, simply assure them that you’re doing okay and there’s no need to worry. If you can’t make it at home on your usual/expected time of arrival, it won’t kill you to send them an SMS, right? Now, if you live on the other side of the planet or even just across the street --- call, chat, email or text every once in a while. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Be good.

Need I say more?

As the movie was about to end, my youngest sister caught me sniffing and wiping my eyes. I kid you not! Even though that flick never fails to make me cry every time I watch it, maybe the tears I’ve shed that night were caused by the lessons gleaned from the wise words uttered by my favorite space creature.

Now, here’s the fun part (I know you’re waiting for this): after looking at E.T. thru my family’s eyes, were they right in their claim, after all?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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ize water said...

Mabuhay ang Mr. Earth na mukhang alien! :-)