Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Is it.. Pancit!

Yes! I'm proud to be a virgin! (blogger, that is...)

Hello everyone & welcome to my maiden entry. After weeks of thinking things over, I finally did it! Thanks to my girlfriends who pushed me to come up with my very own online journal of chenelyn kimberly kembulars.

If not for aherm, aherm, this will not materialize. You're my inspiration!

While my initial posting may not exactly merit a nosebleed reaction or a standing ovation, this is my first baby & I am a one proud Mamu.

I hate writer's block, so whatever you have in mind that you can share that will help promote the flow of my creative juices --- is HIGHLY APPRECIATED. I'd love to hear from you (be it praises, okrayans or blog pitches)! I'll be waiting.

"The Pen is mightier than the Sword; so in this dangerous world, I always carry a pen." [Ashleigh Brilliant]

Oh, and a notepad!

(this entry was brought to you by Orange Swits & Mo Twister)


igor said...

First! :D

robinmendoza said...

Anu na ateh! mag X-mas na naman.. so pwede uli mag Finland, devah!
remember,, september,, october,,november,, december?

gentle said...

haha! mamu!!! :) welcome to the blogging world!

ize water said...

ay! naunahan ako ng Gorilla! (hi Sir! hindi mo na 'ko kilala noh?)

Melamu! Congrats on your new babeh! Sa wakas, may rant and rave station ka na rin. :-)

I look forward to reading your posts.

Kwento ka pa dyan! :-)

(at banggitin talaga si twistaman. makatarungan ba yan?)

gentle said...

hi din sir! haha, malamang ako din. tanda na ni sir igor. :) ano to reunion site ng mga taga ils? ;) mamu post na! waiting for your second post. :)

ada CaƱas said...

hi mamu! visit ka andun ka.