Saturday, November 22, 2008

8 Things I Learned in UP

This was sent to me by a Peyups friend via text message:
  1. "Suggested" readings are MANDATORY.
  2. You may know everything, but still fail an exam.
  3. All your classmates are brilliant; others just aren’t studying.
  4. Teachers are impressed with no one.
  5. Your best efforts could still get a 5.0!
  6. Every class is like a thesis defense: it’s not enough that you understand; you have to be able to explain it, as well.
  7. Seatworks natin, finals sa ibang school.
  8. Ang yabang natin!

Agree or disagree?


ize water said...

... sa exam, ang True or False ay laging may kasunod na "explain"

gentle said...

agree ako dun sa "ang yabang natin!" ;)